Unsurprisingly, my favourite chapters presented artworks based on blockchain technology. I’ve been particularly impressed with terra0 and Bittercoin.
Very nice review of the Artists Re:Thinking The Blockchain Book!


If you realize that machines, AI and DAOs, as they are, are things with no urge for money at all, you get an idea of how self-owned machines could be part of an ecosystem that is not adding to the wealth of companies but beneficial for society. This talk will outline what Enexis is building, their roadmap and their take on the transition towards new economic models.

Jan-Peter Doomernik on self-owned machines talks about terra0!


... One of these 'skips' is a tantalising but all too brief look at Terra0, what he refers to as "one of the more psychedelic [blockchain] projects in a creative or artistic sense". The company is run by folk in Berlin and driven by new concepts of ownership and maintenance working toward automated resilient and sustainable forestry. The idea is to use the blockchain to allow for the forest to negotiate on its own behalf. He says: “Load up a forest with a load of sensors so that it can understand the levels of oxygen in the air and the number of trees in the forest. Give the forest access to market information like the price of wood. And allow the forest to slowly sell its wares but in its own interests. It sounds like science fiction but it’s also a pretty compelling argument. It’s going to be very difficult to do but their vision of the future is going to be one in which forests are - on a protocol level - going to be looking out for themselves against nefarious human interest."
Mat Dryhurst mentioned terra0 at Unsound 2017!

2017-09-27 ISF, Den Haag

Speaking about terra0 at the Impact Startup Fest together with Border Labs in the Hague on Tuesday 27.09.17

2017-09-05 ArtReview Bar, London

ARTISTS RE:THINKING THE BLOCKCHAIN / Book launch, drinks reception, and discussion. 5th September 2017, 7 - 9pm / ArtReview Bar, London / FREE, booking essential:


terra0 is represented in the brand-new ARTISTS RE:THINKING THE BLOCKCHAIN Book, edited by Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Nathan Jones, and Sam Skinner. Preorder now at Liverpool Press!


Under the open sky with
O valleys wide, o heights,
o beautiful, green forest,
you, of my joy and birth pangs the dwelling!
Out there, always betrayed,
rushes the wild world:
encircle me now with your bow,
you green vault

Warehouse Industries featured terra0 within their column “en plein air”.

2017-06-20 super filme, Berlin

Paul Seidler and I will give a talk about terra0 at the event “Diagrams of friction #2”. 7pm at Berlin

2017-06-08 SPEKTRUM, Berlin

“EXHIBITION #11: DARK HABITATS DARK ECOLOGY”! terra0 will be shown as a part of an exhibition at SPEKTRUM Berlin. 08. June - 11. June 2017

Human advancements and ecology are not sharing the same nature. The planet did not evolve all those Eras influenced only by our conceptions, and will not do that as well when the truly post-human will follow the post-dinosaurs. But today, the human factor is introduced in the ecological continuum through conditions exploiting resources dictated by geo-economical and geo-political dynamics: not privileging us above the way we think about life, rather happening on its own way.

2017-06-06 TU Braunschweig

“extrapolate everything – Design für eine post-humane Welt” Talk about terra0 at TU Braunschweig „Medien/Zukünfte, Technologie, Kunst und (spekulatives) Design“