Borders – 7” Europe

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Even though most citizens can hardly perceive European borders under the Schengen Agreement, they are still an important factor in everyday political and economic life.

It is difficult to interpret or depict borders, because they play a completely different personal, political and social role depending on the viewer. For one person it is very tangible, close and partly insurmountable, for the other person it is only a red line on the navigation device, which is imperceptibly exceeded.

Borders – 7” Europe strives to observe frontiers on an abstracted level. Through a depiction in an unexpected form, as sound, it strips down any political, social facets. The reduction of an archaic technology to a minimum brings the geometrical and physical structures of frontiers to the foreground. The forms and informations are directly translated into sound.

Borders – 7” Europe: 7” phonograph record, black acrylic with 27 endless tracks, representing the boundary line of each EU Member State

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