In 1918 Karl Liebknecht proclaimed the free socialist soviet republic from the balcony of the Portal IV of the Berlin town castle. With the demolition of the castle in 1963 the portal should be preserved on account of his historical-political meaning as an “important memorial of the labour movement”. In individual parts dismantled it was integrated 200 metres farther in the facade of the state council building. Nowadays, an absurd doubling of the historical place originates from the reconstruction of the castle. Both portals claim for themselves a historical relevance, one by his situation, the other by his authenticity.

The Tautoscope stands on the forecourt of the Berlin castle and is aimed on the balcony of the main entrance IV. With the look by the Tautoscope a precisely symmetrical frontal view of the balcony is shown instead of the distorted view to be expected. The seen is identical with the expected, nevertheless, on account of the change of perspective it cannot be the portal before which the viewer is. Instead of the balcony of the castle, the facade of the state council building is shown, a rather unspectacular construction which seems to set in the shade of the pompous castle.

Tautoscope: custom telescope metal, lens system and mirrors

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