In collaboration with Paul Seidler.
Listen to an audio sample, and download the Documentation (german)

Digitalisation and the outsourcing of hardware accelerates the vanishing of interfaces, which comes along with a loss of control. The increasing complexity of networks and their associated infrastructure results in inconceivability for the user. In times of virtual machines, cloud and grid computing, not only the personal computer appears as a Black Box, but also the immanent network as a deterritorialized stack becomes elusive. The perception, depiction and visualisation of these structures with their local and global interdependencies seems to be a Sisyphean task.

The Unscrambler is an interface capable of dealing with these hyper-complexity through over-simplification. Network data is detached from its function or meaning, collected, analysed and depicted as an abstract mass of information. A synthesiser, playable by assigning a web address to 3 different channels. It uses Nmap to scan the related server, their physical distance and location, and the number of hops in order to use this information as parameter for the sound synthesis.

Unscrambler: raspberry pi, thermal printer, custom keyboard, metal and wood case

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