Mediating Matter 2017

Mediating Matter is, in reference to MIT Boston's Mediated Matter Group, a description of the difficult-to-define and constantly transforming quality of the material in the relationship between the designer and the designed. A plurality of shaped material, shaping material and all nuances in between. Mediating somewhere between verb and adjective, mediated and mediating, described as, and descriptive for the properties of matter.

The binary, hylemorphic model, according to which the existing consists of matter and form, has given way to the concept of a complex meshwork of material, substance, and accent, context, and self-dynamics. Things and matter are acknowledged as actors in the interrelated relationship between culture and nature, and take on a new, active role, also in design. In this way, the dualism of the creator and the produced becomes an ecology of the creative and the created. This puts not only the result, but also the preceding process in a new light.

Starting from the position of the New Materialists, this work examines what this new concept of material means for the role of the designers, and how they can meet this, in the practical implementation or application.